The Grauniad ranks all the Doctors

I definitely don’t agree with the order (13 and 12 so high up is a crime, they deserve to be closer to Tom at least) but I love how they have included everyone, including the Shalka Doctor.

And just for giggles but not totally seriously :kissing_heart:

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Read this before clicking the article and thought you meant high up as in high-ranking (not high up in the article because they’re ranked low) and was about to start a fight /lh


I think if you rank by ‘pop culture popularity’ there is little to disagree with on that list. I’d personally have Shalka-9 higher, but that’s just me.

Furthermore, I think if you take into account all media types, it may be a little different. I could see Eight being higher up, and maybe Six.



Yeah this is definitely the kind of ranking that feels like it’s designed to be largely agreeable to casual viewers rather than being a fan’s actual opinion


I absolutely knew this would happen and I rewrote that sentence 3 times trying to figure out to say it right, at one point I had something like “high on the list but the list is in reverse order so I actually mean low ranking but what am I doing with my life argh” and I felt like I’d hopped though the vortex twice. :person_facepalming:t2:

We good :sparkling_heart: :fist_right:t2::fist_left:t2:


Yes! Chronically underrated Doctor by a brilliant actor.
Also it tickles me to have Marwood regenerate into Withnail! :rofl:

(TBF you could fairly swap underrated for unknown here.)

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Well the person writing this list was wrong from the second they put Six at the bottom of the list of ‘‘normal’’ Doctors and didn’t put Eight at the top :rofl::rofl:

This is so true though, and there’s nothing wrong with the ranking presented exactly, it’s just that DW fans love to argue so of course everyone will disagree :rofl:


oh hey I looked at that last night! There’s something about the order that makes it obvious it wasn’t written by someone who actually cares about Doctor Who, its just all very predictable, the worst bit for me is when they seem to accuse Capaldi of being a bad actor?

There was sometimes a nagging doubt, though, that you were watching a wonderful actor having the absolute time of his life playing at being the Doctor, rather than watching the Doctor.

even though Capaldi is my favourite, I can accept other people not liking him as much and putting him near the bottom of a ranking, but to imply he’s bad at playing the Doctor is… Honestly just baffeling


Absolutely! Of all the things you could say you don’t like about Capaldi’s performance they’ve effectively stated the same thing they makes Tennant’s performance as the Doctor good, a deep love of the character and show in which they’re both effectively fulfilling a lifetime ambition and have transported themselves back to a childhood sporting a super long hand-knitted-by-gran scarf and sonic made out of an old felt top marker and a bottle top.