The Face of Boe Trilogy and 'Arc'

Continuing the discussion from TV Club: The End of the World:


The End of the World introduces the mysterious, ancient Face of Boe who would then go on to reappear in New Earth and Gridlock (as well as cameos in The Long Game and Utopia).

Initially just one of the many strange guests on Platform One, the Face of Boe’s enigmatic message of You Are Not Alone would eventually pay off at the end of Utopia.

And then, in Last of the Time Lords we are given the rather odd suggestion that the Face of Boe is actually a future version of Captain Jack.

The sort of alien who could only appear in Doctor Who, who has love for the Face of Boe?

(And who owns his dynamic, rolling, mouth-moving (sort of) ‘action’ figure?)

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I really like The Face of Boe, but the idea that he’s Captain Jack is just silly. I take it as a joke really.

Also I never really got the whole “You are not alone” thing:

His final message to the Doctor shouldn’t have been so cryptic. People don’t speak like that. Also was Professor Yana already called that and Boe made it into a cryptic anagram, or did Yana call himself after hearing that prophecy… it just does not make any sense!

I love a mystery seeded into an earlier episode to get people talking, but when it just doesn’t make sense if you think about it for longer than 5 minutes that really winds me up!

I think this is a part where Moffat was a stronger writer than RTD (although I know Moffat’s resolutions weren’t always perfect).

I haven’t listened to any of the War Master audios so for all I know it’s all tied up neatly there, but I doubt it :joy: