The Eleventh Doctor Chronicles

It’ll probably be a little while yet. Got too many other things to get through.

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I forgot this thread existed.

I have been listening. Only 2 to go.

The hype is real! It’s soooo good!

I’ll say more when I’m finished :grin:


Haha I actually created this topic as well :laughing:

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At least you didn’t start a duplicate thread for it…


I’ve finished it!

Definitely one of the best sets that Big Finish have produced. It was absolutely wonderful.

My only complaint really is that the last 4 stories are with the Daleks, who I feel have been a bit overused, but the fact that it’s the “New Paradigm Daleks” is quite fun.

I guess that’s all of the Eleventh Doctor we’ll get unless Matt Smith comes back?

I’ll always remember when the Doctor was me.


Okay, you guys have sold me on this, I love Eleven but I have too many other releases I’ve never heard. Next time a sale comes round though, these will be on my radar


It’s a very timey wimey set, which is appropriate, having an a prologue, then starting on box set 3, including a special release and a Christmas special…

So I’ve collected it together in this Set, and there also may be a secret badge if you rate them all :eyes:


I was very surprise at how much I love these. Recasts are not bad if done right and Dudman pretty much nailed it here 98% of the time.


Don’t forget the short trip: The Galois Group.


These are now top of my birthday/Christmas lists.


I don’t know why, but I have a feeling that they are trying to find another actor to take over so that they can recast and keep the 11th Doc stories coming. He is a popular incarnation after all and I find it very unlikely that we’ll see Smith joining BF in the foreseeable future.

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I’m not sure anyone could do it as well as Dudman :pensive:


Probably not. Dudman even looks a lot like Smith. The first time I saw a picture of him, I thought the two were related :grin:

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Interesting. I’m in the middle of it and am having a blast.

There are a fair bit of mysteries cropping up in this series. Without spoiling anything, do we actually get answers? A simple yes or no will suffice.

Yes, it all gets wrapped up in the end.

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Just finished All of Time and Space (the story not the set) and I think I just added another favorite. It’s brilliant! Fun, clever things said about writers, and through a thin veil about Doctor Who. I just had a blast.


I will admit, I still have questions on the hijacking thing. We know the phone calls are from future Valarie, but when she’s making the call, she’s not also telling the tardis to explode or to visit the house of masks. Was that explained elsewhere that I missed?

Actually, yeah that wasn’t super explained. They did say in a behind-the-scenes (major spoilers):

The person calling the phone was originally going to be someone else! But they had to change plans last minute. And by happy accident Safiyya actually voiced the phone calls because the other actor couldn’t be there. So there might be some slight discrepancies due to this rewrite.

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Finished Broken Hearts. Wow! Between that story and The Curiosity Shop, you’ve got a huge emotional one-two punch. I can’t wait to tackle the rest of these.