'The Eighth Doctor & Charley: Series One' REVIEWED!

I recently updated my reviews of the first four Eighth Doctor and Charley stories from the other site, and they’re now available to read here on TARDIS Guide.

This was generally a pretty strong set of adventures… if you completely ignore the turgid excuse for writing that concludes this run.

A historical caper aboard a doomed airship, an atmospheric homage to the first Alien film, and a beautifully sombre tale from a writer most well known for his comedy outings!

#016. Storm Warning

#017. Sword of Orion

#018. The Stones of Venice

#019. Minuet in Hell


My ranking is:

  • Sword of Orion 4/5
  • Minuet in Hell 4/5
  • Storm Warning 3.5/5
  • The Stone of Venice 3.5/5

I adore Stones of Venice so much, it reminds me of the more comedic Shakespeare plays like Twelfth Night. Real comedy-of-errors vibes, especially in Charley’s failed impersonation of Estella


Aw man, I love Eight but all of these stories are duds to me tbh. If I had to pick a favourite, it’s probably Storm Warning, but I think I just don’t vibe with the flavour of stories in this era at all


I just did a literal double take seeing ‘Minuet in Hell’ score so highly hahaha!


Accents aside, I really liked the story. Horror is my jam. It felt like Stepford Wives meets Hellraiser. After the first 30 minutes, it just clicked with me, and I was enjoying it.