'The Devouring' REVIEWED!

I’d actually written reviews for last year’s main Eighth Doctor sets in January, and because I do these in bulk, they never got uploaded to the other site.

Hope you’re ready for six brand-spanking new reviews chronicling the Cybermen, the lead up to Christmas, and a fire demon in Edinburgh!

But first, the debut of one Lady Audacity Montague.


one decent story out of five, that being ‘Albie’s Angels

You mean you didn’t like The Love Vampires :open_mouth:

But fully agree with all of this and I love Audacity, I think she’s the breath of fresh air Eight needs. Almost a shame she’s going to get completely overshadowed by Charley though :person_shrugging:


That was honestly the worst of the lot. Looking at my old reviews from when I covered those stories:

‘Paradox of the Daleks’ - 6/10
‘The Dalby Spook’ - 7/10

‘Here Lies Drax’ - 6/10
‘The Love Vampires’ - 3/10
‘Albie’s Angels’ - 10/10

Honestly, James Kettle is probably one of my least favourite writers for BigFinish. He started off really strongly with ‘The Blazing Hour’, but everything he has written since has just been underwhelming. Except for ‘Snow’: that story brought me to tears.

I honestly just found the 2022 sets really uninspiring. ‘Here Lies Drax’ was especially disappointing - a rare dud for Dorney.


I think that’s why Audacity got that amazing two-part Cyberman adventure by her lonesome: having the second most popular villain appear will always draw people in.

Honestly, I’m just gutted that the next set isn’t with this TARDIS team - I want to learn more about the mysterious Causeway faction (mentioned in the two Tim Foley scripts).

Honestly, wouldn’t surprise me if the Monk was behind it.


Fair enough, I could not agree with you less but I’m interested to read what you’ve written about it! I personally really liked it, I thought it was exactly the story Helen needed. I was also totally underwhelmed by Here Lies Drax though, and I can barely remember the other two at all.

Yeah, for sure - I love Liv and Helen as much as anyone but the Eight range sorely needs a shakeup and I just hope Audacity can be it. I personally did a huge sigh when Charley appeared, but she’s never been my favourite and I wish they’d do something honest to god actually new, but at least Audacity is brilliant and hopefully we see more of her soon


I’m honestly holding out hope that this year’s second box set will either be Charley and Audacity.

OR, if BigFinish have actually listened to the fans, Charley and C’rizz.

Would love to hear the emo lizard boi back for some more Divergent adventures.

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