The Classic Doctor Reboot

It’s common knowledge that the Monthly Range was discontinued so that BigFinish could reboot their classic Doctor ranges - ensuring each incarnation had at least two box sets a year (aside from the first two).

I just wanted to know what people thought were the best and worst stories from this new era of box sets.

High points for me include;

  • ‘Pursuit of the Nightjar’
  • ‘The Annihilators’
  • ‘The Demon Song’
  • ‘The Great Cyber-War’

Low points for me include;

  • ‘The Outlaws’ (the whole box set)
  • ‘Bad Day in Tinseltown’
  • ‘Kaleidoscope’


What a great question! I think, from what ive heard, the high points for the relaunch so far have been

  • the outlaws (whole set! I love it to bits!)
  • Dream Team (BOTH 10/10s i mean instant classic)
  • Annihilators
  • both Audacity sets slap
  • Peake Season, which is a contender for my favorite ever audio drama

Whereas the low points for me have to be

  • Conflicts of Interest
  • Silver and Ice
  • The Mindless Ones, which was a shame because the rest of the purity arc was very good:/
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Ngl, I haven’t listened to that many of the classic Doctor boxsets post MR, but I have listened to some of Three’s and I really liked them. Unfortuantely, I haven’t really been vibing with the new Eight releases though which is a bummer. I’ll probably get around to these eventually, though - only 100 MR episodes to go!