The chase is the best dalek story

I have just watched it and enjoy it I think its the best. prove me wrong
what is your favourite dalek stories

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It’s great you enjoyed it - there’s lots about it I think it hugely fun.

But no one has to prove you’re wrong because everyone is allowed different opinions of it :smiley:


yeah but its interesting hearing different opinions and mp post was poorly worded
I want others to discuss there Favourite dalek story.

Eh, it’s all over the place for me. Some fun parts, but also plenty of silly filler, such as the House of Horrors sequence or the Mary Celeste thing. But it’s also the story thay gave us the inly surviving clip of the Beatles on Top of the Pops! The Daleks are a joke, and the sequnece with the clone is good fun. I’m glad to see someone who finds it the best Dalek story, that’s not an opinion I’ve come across often!


I am sad to say that I would classify this as the worst Dalek story of the lot. The Daleks are almost used as comic relief which I find to negate their standing as one of the deadliest creatures in the universe.
That said, the bit where the TARDIS lands on the cricket pitch and the commentators are totally unfazed and stiff upper lip about the entire situation is hilarious :wink:
Also more Peter Purves is always a good thing :+1:
The best stories for me are definitely The Power of the Daleks and The Evil of the Daleks, I find that the Daleks are at their most effective in those stories.
I love that about Who, everyone have their own favourites and preferences :slightly_smiling_face:


[pedantmode] That’s The Daleks’ Masterplan [/pedantmode]

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Well there goes my fan certification … Of course it is :roll_eyes::grin:

Pedantry accepted

I love The Chase! It’s so fun. I think all four of the main Hartnell Dalek stories are excellent (in fact I don’t think there’s a single weak Dalek story until the 70s). My favorite is probably The Dalek Invasion of Earth.

I wouldn’t consider it the best… but I’m pretty sure it’s the silliest Dalek episode.

I’d personally tend to put Rememberance at the Daleks at the top, and Power of the Daleks would be pretty high up. Dalek and Genesis of the Daleks would be up there, too. The later is a little overrated, but when it’s good, it’s great, and when it’s not good, there are giant clams…


I find The Daleks Master Plan a better version of this story. I found the Chase kinda lacking.