The Celestial Toymaker animation DVD/blu ray

Apparently there was a BFI event yesterday and there seems to be a lot of positive feedback for the animation which has got me excited for this release.

Apparently they’ve gone quite far in depicting the Toymaker’s servants as actual toys which I think is a great idea.

And the new Escape Room feature seems fun and is apparently an ongoing item which will feature of future releases.

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I don’t really care for the animation style if it was your typical serial, but I think it might fit pretty well here


Apparently it’s much improved from Web 3. Loads of positive comments (except one particular fan who has been put in his place by Peter Purves).


I wasn’t going to bother with this, as I am not sold on the animation style and don’t really care for the story, but that does sound intriguing. I might give this a go at some point, just to see how they’ve recreated the adventure.