The Black Guardian Trilogy

AKA Mawdryn Undead, Terminus, and Enlightenment

I didn’t think much of it! But I wanted Tegan to hold that crystal orb and calls herself winner. After all she did meet and design a new android body for its Urbankan minister.

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I personally think the only episode of the trilogy worth bothering with is ‘Enlightenment’ - the premise is fantastic and it’s visually stunning.

‘Mawdryn Undead’ is quite good, but it also kick-started the UNIT Dating controversy and caused many a headache for anyone who enjoys plotting continuity.

‘Terminus’ is dreadful. Nyssa deserved so much better from her departure story than that boring script - oh, what a surprise, it was written by that talentless hack Stephen Gallagher!

The only thing anyone remembers about it is that robot which looks like Winnie the Pooh if he got sacked from his job and took up daytime drinking!



I stan Enlightenment because RTD made the ridiculously bold claim that we’ve never had a flying ship before in Doctor Who



But… he wrote Warrior’s Gate which is brilliant.

(There’s also quite a lot I like about Terminus).


Enlightenment is beautiful! It’s my favourite Classic Who story—as well as the only Classic Who story both written and directed by women!


Probably why Russell hasn’t seen it

/the angry slim shady version of me that shit talks Russ at every opportunity


You mean the avant garde rubbish that takes place entirely within a bunch of white space?

Genuinely, I cannot think of anything I like about one of his pretentious scripts.


What’s wrong with a bit of Avant Garde? It’s the perfect style to tell that utterly brilliant story set in a universe where the laws of nature are different.

Incidentally has anyone read the novelisation that came out last year with two short stories added on? Is it worth buying? :slightly_smiling_face:


I for one really like Mawdryn Undead and also find Warrior’s Gate a bit of a chore, though I suspect the latter is because I’ve only ever watched it when I’ve done Tom Baker from the start, and by the time I get to Romana ii I do start to get Four burnout quite badly.

But Mawdryn Undead? It’s silly. It’s fun. It’s got the Brigadier. It has the universe’s most pathetic assassin in the form of Turlough. Literally what is not to love? And the costume choices are very… bold.


I bought it, I read it. I liked the two added stories. As to whether it’s worth buying, not sure kow to answer. The bulk of the book is the new novelization of Warriors’ Gate, so if you’re not interested in that, maybe not.

I’m not sorry I got it, but I’m pretty much in a “get all the books” mindset, so I’m not a good barometer.


Tegan and Nyssa should’ve left together! They’d have been a canon couple and left together if 1980’s was’nt as homophobic!

And by this I mean they’d have left together in Time-Flight, rejoined together in Arc of Infinity, then Nyssa leaves in Terminus, then in Enlightenment, the Eternals rejoin\teleport her so she can race alongside Tegan. (She has already cured Lazar’s and fixed Terminus) Tegan is wearing an Edwardian tuxedo like this

and Nyssa is wearing an Art Nouveau dress like this

and with her hair up like this

at the end, Tegan wins Enlightenment (SHE DREW A NEW CYBORG BODY FOR THE MINISTER OF IT) and gets to marry Nyssa. That’s when they leave together the second time.