The Adventure Games

Did anyone else play “The Adventure Games” (The Adventure Games - Tardis Wiki)? What were your thoughts? Were they good games? More importantly, were they good Doctor Who stories?

omg I miss these so much, I wish I could find a working download but I fear they are lost to time :frowning: I used to play them a lotttt when they came out - were they good? I don’t remember and honestly I think no they probably weren’t, but I do remember loving them anyway


I got them a few years ago on CD-Rom off Amazon, but a search today came up up empty. A search on ebay found them for around $25-30 USD (doctor who the adventure games for sale | eBay).

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I played City of the Daleks, the Cyberman one and The Gunpowder Plot. I reget not getting around to the other two before they disappeared from the BBC site.

They were fine but they weren’t the greatest. I did review Gunpowder for my personal marathon/blog.

(Blimey, this review is really old because I’m much more of a gamer now and we own an Xbox. So that opening paragraph is hugely out of date).


Oh I absolutely did! They were great, however I will say I probably have some sort of bias of fondness because I re-played them over & over & over - bar The Gunpowder Plot because I needed to look up a Walkthrough for that one, only completed it the once or twice but it was still good. /pos
I think as games they were alright, but I figure for people who play video games regularly they might or weren’t anything revolutionary or standout. As for their quality as Doctor Who stories I’d say they were decent: each one of them I can imagine fitting in easily into Series 5 or 6 in tGP’s case. The only one I could see as not enticing people as much would be TARDIS, but it definitely was probably either my favourite or one of the favourites just because (I think) it was the second-ever time you could explore the TARDIS in any way, the first being Destiny Of The Doctors.

Someone’s uploaded The Adventure Games to r/abandonware on Reddit; tried it myself! It works splendidly. /g /pos


I played a couple of them when they came out but found them pretty mediocre. I heard that they got better, but never got a chance to try them. Super excited to try them again…

A post below that link warns of malware…

Yeah because the actual link goes via a dodgy ad site. Be careful out there!

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It does, but on the webpage itself just click on “Get The Adventure Games”, then click the “Skip” button that has the grey triangle icon on it - it’ll go to the Google Drive link that person has where you can download it. I scanned my computer for malware after downloading the RAR files for both & found nothing. Still, apologies to concern anyone. /g /pos

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