The 15th Doctor Audition Piece

Just thought I’d point something out. When all those scripts were uploaded, one of the ones listed under Doctor Who 2023 was “The Fifteenth Doctor
Audition Piece”, presumably what Ncuti auditioned with…

Edit: You know, didn’t remember that the post about the scripts mentioned the audition piece…


Ooh, I love this. And reading it, in my mind Ncuti was saying all those lines. What I wouldn’t give to see that audition tape!

I would love this adapted to a short story, so much potential

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I was just going to have a quick glance and ended up reading the whole thing. Loved the questions gag. And the surprise reveal!

Welcome to the forum 1stvamp - good to have you here.

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It’s really interesting to see how this hits all the points you want to make sure the Doctor can hit… like, the introduction, the dramatic reassurances that everything is going to be okay, the silly non sequiturs, the backstory drop, the discovery/reveal of whatever plot is going on, the “do you want to come with me?” all in one go.