Textless covers - should I use them?

I have access to textless versions of many Big Finish audios - but not all.

I’m thinking of switching to using them where available - definitely when they are at a small size, like on the homepage, because they are unreadable - but maybe also on normal story listing pages. What do you think? See a before and after below.

I still think I’ll leave the text on the main story page image, just so it’s recognisable. What do you think?

  • Use Textless Covers where available
  • Use Textless only for tiny images, keep text everywhere else
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i like having the text so i can see the writer + which companions are in a story at a glance when im scrolling through. besides which, they feel so naked without the text lol


I kind of agree. Looks weird without the text, even if I understand what you’re going for!

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Yeah, sorry but I agree with the others. Textless looks a bit odd.

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No need to be sorry, I just wanted some feedback. Glad you like the text-based ones! Makes my life easier lol, no need to change them.

(I just find it all a bit busy, but that’s fine…)

I do like the textless covers, though I agree with the others- perhaps there could be other uses for them on the site?

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I’ll definitely use them for the tiny images like on the homepage (the new “my next story”).

I might feature them for people to download, just because I think they are neat.


Yeah, I like the text.

Woah, it’s unanimous so far. I’m glad I asked!

lol I just like to have them for my background pictures for my computer.

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