Susan's War

Discussing The Sensorites in TV Club reminded me that they actually managed an audio return to the Whoniverse in the box set Susan’s War. This is one I have listened to and it’s rather enjoyable. Not only are the Sensorites back but there also William Russell reprising his role as an elderly Ian (with some lovely references to Barbara) and the Eighth Doctor and Veklin from the many Time War ranges.

The Sensorite episode is quite fun and builds on their telepathic abilities for the story (which of course is why The Sensorites is a such a strong story for Susan).

Has anyone else heard this set?


I recently relistened to SW because I needed a Veklin fix - I listened to it when it first came out and couldn’t remember much except I liked it, and was delighted that I loved it when I revisited.

The second episode in the box is my favourite (I mean of course - Susan and Veklin undercover as painters is like catnip to me), but I very much enjoyed episode 1 as well. It was so delightful to hear Ian back again and I feel if I relisten to this box again it will be twinged with a little sadness. But it was a great story for him, and for Susan, and I loved how important they were to the story.

The last episode, in honesty, is my least favourite - it’s good, but I am also glad I am very familiar with the 8DAs.

Maybe I should finally finish my reviews for this set!


I remember really liking this one, it’s a shame they didn’t do any more. Ian and Susan’s reunion alone makes it worth it (unless I’m mistaken this was the first time that was done in the EU, which is wild), but the other episodes are pretty good too.


This sounds pretty fun.


Ooh - not a set I saw coming back for one follow-on, let alone two!


YELLING so this is exciting news to wake up to! And Heather Challands producing??? Yeah, this is going to be good, looking forward to this a lot


Shame BigFinish are still hiring Will Brooks to make the cover-art since he’s got a long history of being transphobic.


Am I the only one not to like this style of cover?
The colour composition is so jarring and that TARDIS looks like it has been tacked on with Microsoft Paint afterwards.
The War Doctor looks really strange next to Carole Ann Ford, almost as if they used a dodgy AI for his image.
Nice costume for Susan though :+1:

Was the first box-set any good?
When it comes to Susan I kind of like to solely stick to the continuity of the televised show (I haven’t really been blown away by what I’ve heard with her and Paul McGann)

Edit: Didn’t see the post right above this one …


I really enjoyed it - and it has William Russell in it too as an elderly Ian going on a mission with Susan. There are some lovely mentions of Barbara.


Okay I guess it’s time to relisten to Susan’s War!


I hate when someone who’s work I like turns out to be transphobic. First I’ve heard of it with Brooks though, can anyone point any instances out? :frowning_face: