Submitting guides to the Guide and better navigation of that feature

With all the talk of adding prerequisites to the Guide, how does one go about sumbitting guides like Shauny and Delta have done?

Also, I think the “guides” (image) features may need some updates. At present, you can click the icon and get the drop-down menu, but if you right-click the icon with the hope of getting a list of all the available guides in a list on a separate tab, it just takes you here (Guides · TARDIS Guide) where the only guide available is the “How to Use the Site” guide. Just kinda curious as I may be interested in possibly subimtting some guides at some point in the future.


Ooh, seconding, I would definitely be interested in helping create guides for various spinoffs


Just gonna post these here for future reference and to share some great resources (albeit several years out of date) I found on reddit. These are probably a bit too in-depth for what might end up on this site but could be helpful to link in addition to the brief overview/list of pre-requisite stories etc:

Visual Guide to Big Finish Eighth Doctor Audios

A big damn guide to the Eighth Doctor at Big Finish

Doctor Who Novel Guide:

Titan Doctor Who comics 1 2

These two don’t quite fit the brief but are pretty handy so I’ll link them anyway:
Visual Guide to Big Finish audios on Spotify

The NuWho fan’s guide to Classic Doctor Who



As always, I have big plans but not enough time to do everything I want at the moment!

Yes I’m planning on a /guides/ page that lists everything.

As for submitting guides, happy to accept anything you’d like to send, or I can ask people to write something specific. I might ask @deltaandthebannermen if he can be an Editor for the submitted guides, as they will need to be fact checked and spelling and grammar checked, to make them fit in. What do you think?


Let’s hope @deltaandthebannermen isn’t inspired by this Editor:



I can help with SGaP editing if needed!

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I couldn’t possibly comment…