Story Discussion: The Forgotten

Here’s the story discussion thread for The Forgotten graphic novel collection that collects the six-issue Tenth Doctor miniseries from IDW.


So I read this last night. It’s a decent enough story where the Tenth Doctor and Martha get stuck in the Doctor Who Experience. Kidding aside, it’s an interesting idea that shares some ideas with The Eight Doctors with the Doctor going through his past incarnations to regain his memories. I like all the easter eggs and references scattered throughout. My favorite segments where the Fifth Doctor vs the Judoon and the Eighth Doctor during the Time War recovering the Great Key of Rassilon, back when it was thought that the Eighth Doctor was the one who fought in the Time War and timelocked the War with a de-mat gun. The art isn’t the greatest. Until the the dialogue stated it, I thought it was Liz in the backseat of Bessie, not Jo. I kinda like the idea of the Meta-crisis Doctor becoming the Valeyard, even if ends up being a throw-away line with a different villain that isn’t quite as interesting. Anyway, a worthwhile multi-doctor story. The only thing that seems odd is that the War Doctor is missing, but then again, he wouldn’t exist for another 4-5 years. I rate it at 4/5 stars.

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Read this a long while back and I don’t remember much of it beyond one too many twists with the villain and a really touching scene with Susan towards the end of it.