Story Discussion: Dragon's Claw (Graphic Novel)

Here’s the story discussion thread for Dragon’s Claw, the graphic novel collection that collects the last set of Fourth Doctor comic stories from DWM. This collection contains the stories: Dragon’s Claw [DWM 39-45], The Collector [DWM 46], Dreamers of Death [DWM 47-48], The Life Bringer [DWM 49-50], War of the Words [DWM 51], Spider-God [DWM 52], The Deal [DWM 53], End of the Line [DWM 54-55], The Free-Fall Warriors [DWM 56-57], Junk-yard Demon [DWM 58-59] and The Neutron Knights [DWM 60]. I won’t be creating separate threads for each story, so please specify which story you’re talking about in the posts below. Anyway, have fun.

So I’ve just read the first story in this collection: Dragon’s Claw (as found in DWM 39-45). It’s an enjoyable story set in 1522 China. I like that the Sontarans are secondary and it focuses more on the monks. A good story, I’d rate it at 4/5.

I reviewed this story many moons ago for my marathon:

Judging by that first sentence, I didn’t like it much! :expressionless:

There, just read The Collector (as found in DWM 46). It’s a short little story, and rather sweet. I found the “mother” ship idea rather sweet. It’s nothing major or epic, just a simple little sci-fi story with a happy ending. I rate it 4.5/5 stars.

I read Dreamers of Death [DWM 47-48]. An interesting sci-fi idea about using psychic rodents for collective dreaming as a form of VR-like entertainment. The story’s enjoyable and the art, as it has been through this whole run, has been quite good. This story also sees the departure of Sharon as a companion. I’m not really sure where I stand with her. I mean she’s fine, but doesn’t really stand out like say the Eighth or Sixth Doctor’s DWM companions will.