Story Cubes Game #1

It’s the start of a new game / creative writing exercise!

I got myself a set of Rory’s Story Cubes (I first thought they were something to do with Rory Williams in The Power of Three, but no!).

These are a set of dice with different Doctor Who characters, monsters, objects, and scenarios on them. The idea is that you roll the dice, and then people have to come up with their own stories featuring all of these ideas.

Also, there are no specific Doctors or Companions here (except for River Song :heart: and K9) so you can set the story in any Doctor’s era, with any companion you want!

You can, for example, use any 3 of them for the start of the story, 3 for the middle, and 3 for the end. Either write a full fanfic, or just write a short story or synopsis on here, whatever you like!

It’s good to get your creative juices flowing!

Here’s the very first roll of the dice:

  • Cybermen
  • Sontarans
  • Mind Control
  • Damaged Circuitry
  • Sonic Screwdriver
  • Regeneration!
  • Guard
  • Psychic Paper
  • Samurai

Reply below with your ideas!


The Time-Space Visualiser was on the blink again, some sort of damaged circuitry she reckoned. She tried switching the image on the screen and it flipped from firstly the Battle of the Castle of Ravens between the Sontarans and a host of mind-controlled Samurai to a brouhaha between a couple of guards fighting for who got to keep the gold they dug out of a Cyberman’s damaged chest unit. She gave it a good kick and yelled for her companion, “Karvanista! Where did you hide my sonic screwdriver? It’s not a chew toy you know!”. With no reply forthcoming she once again tried switching the image only to land on what was clearly a pilot episode for some sort of Australian TV show, never had she seen such shoddy acting, and a metal robotic canine who went through a regeneration at the end? Sigh Humans… I’m not quite sure why I like those ridiculous bipeds. Right, work called. Time to try out this psychic paper that Gat kept going on about. Flipping the door control on the console unit, she left her TARDIS, no rest for the wicked and Division agents certainly fell into that category.


To me, the obvious thing to do here is have the Cybermen try to convert the Sontarans. I think the Samurai is the Doctor’s current companion.

Sonic screwdriver, psychic paper, and guard all suggest some kind of infiltration. Maybe the cybermen are being secretive, and the Doctor is pretending to be an investigator (like in Born to Die). I saw one idea for a small scale cybermen story where you have a single cyberman attacking a base with a small crew. We never see a crew member get taken, we’re just suddenly missing one, and now there’s two cybermen, then three, then four. This could be an interesting vehicle for that.

Damaged circutry, mind control, and regeneration suggest to me that the doctor tries to sabotage the conversion machine, but in the process, it backfires, and ends up taking over their mind. As they go to attack their companion, the companion defends themself with their sword and causes the Doctor to regenerate.


I’m 99 percent certain this is how Nicholas Briggs gets his ideas.