Story Checklists - some help needed


If you’re not aware, the site has a page that shows you all stories for each Doctor, Companion, and Monster. It’s currently called Story Categories (although this will change, as I need to think of a better name - maybe Story Checklists?)

If you’re logged in, it shows you your progress to completing every story on the site with that character. I’ll be adding more tabs, including Comics, soon.

Now, @flora_snow00 has rightly said that there are certain categories which should probably be excluded, as it may be impossible to get 100% with them included - for example Live Experiences and Video Games - some of those are impossible to complete now.

However, if I exclude them, then I’m not showing a true list of every story for that character.

Also, many other stories are mostly inaccessible, for example some very old and rare books or comics!

So I’m not sure what to do here, and just asking for suggestions :blush:


I think the way it is currently with live experiences is fine, as you can just add it to the filter if you want to see them, but maybe there’s some better way.

Where I see a big accessibility issue with video games vs old books is that while old books might be rare, you don’t need anything other than the book to access the story, where video games being locked behind specific systems makes them a lot harder to access, plus issues like digital only games getting delisted or online features no longer being supported.

I get it, the problem for me is that when I see it says “ALL Stories” and I click it I want to see them all… even the inaccessible ones.

So maybe it should not say “all”?

If the only issue is it will never reach 100% because I haven’t played an obscure video game… I’m kinda okay with that? But is everyone else not?

I’d personally say to show them, but mark them in some way as not obtainable and don’t count them towards completion, but as some sort of bonus.

Same goes for colorized versions of episodes, and region locked things like Tales of the Tardis.

Edit: Also, when there are multiple versions of something, i.e. Shada, any one of them can count as all of them.


Shada’s a special case though, since most are Fourth Doctor but the flash animation/Big Finish one is Eighth Doctor.

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Well, if you’re changing it enough to be a different story, like different Doctors and companions, then that should be separate. But if you’ve watched Shada, you shouldn’t have to also watch Shada Reconstructed Remastered Animated Anniversary DX Edition or such.


I have the same complaint with “The Daleks” vs “The Daleks in Colour”


I can say I’d definitely be annoyed to lose 100% on 13 stories because I don’t have access to a VR headset. I’d also say that some games are more questionably “stories” than others


Yes I’ve always meant to make an exception for this, as it should also not count towards an extra First Doctor story in the stats. Just not gotten around to it yet!

Thanks for the input so far, what I’m going to do is:

  • Video Games and Live Experiences will not count towards completion on that page.
  • Tales of the TARDIS won’t count
  • Certain stories, such as The Daleks in Colour and Shada, where they are different versions of the same story will also not count double.

However there exists loads of audio adaptations of books that do currently count double… eg. Benny stories, Short Trips, etc… not sure what to do about those. Link them so if you’ve completed one then you don’t need to complete the other? Still thinking…


I think the real issue here is that - even with the TV show - everybody has differing access to the various branches of Who and differing finances to be able to experience them. It’s distinctly possible that any 100% for any ‘sequence’ could be unattainable for any individual.

So I think you do need to take out anything that is definitely unattainable and that would prevent the 100% but maybe compensate those that can get ‘everything’ with a secret special badge or some such.


I just had a thought, totally different to what we have been saying so far.

What if I actually included everything, so people who were lucky enough to play the games and see the live theatre many years ago will be able to check them off and get that satisfaction, but for people who will never get that I add a “skip” button, so you can remove it from being required for you without actually completing it?

I think this might solve it better because otherwise I show misleading stats if I say The Edge of Time doesn’t count as a 13th Doctor story.



If you can do a skip button I think that would work.

Would the skip button be on everything, or just available for certian stories?


It would also work with the “recommendations” feature I’m planning, so if you skip something you can’t access or just aren’t interested in, it won’t recommend it to you.


In that case I’m not 100% how I feel, having some way for some things not to count definitely makes sense, but having 100% completion badges feels somewhat lessened if they end up being ‘100% of what I’m interested in’

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Oh this isn’t for badges it’s just for that screen that shows you what you’ve completed.

Badges will not be awarded for skipping.

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ahhhhhh right gotcha, I think the live experience/video game discussion was throwing me a bit

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Unless there’s a secret ‘skipped a story’ badge for when you’ve ‘skipped’ 10, 50, 100 stories etc :wink: - it’s to reward people who try and spend some time in the real world with real people :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ll call it “go touch some grass”


(igonore me)