Stories List View is here 🎊

Do you prefer information density to lots of pretty pictures? Or perhaps you’re on a data cap and don’t want to waste it on downloading every image?

List View is here! Select List View and it will be remembered in your browser - and then you can browse the site in a simpler way!

I will improve the look of these based on feedback, let me know what you think!

Edit: needs some tweaks on mobile because it’s actually really tall. I’ll work on that!


@SweetAIBelle I believe you requested this ages ago? Sorry for the wait but it’s here now :blush:

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That I did, and it’s nice to see!

As far as improving the looks goes based on feedback, main things that come to mind is that grids are easier to read if the colors alternate between light and dark between rows.

There’s also a good deal of space, and I bet you could fit the synopsis in the middle there. (Or possibly some tags with information like which doctor it is, which companion, tropes… Mostly stuff you can get off the overview page. )

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is this anything? Just some ideas. (ignore that I put an audio icon on a minisode, was using my “Next stories” page).



That’s about what I was thinking with the colors alternating, and having the icons next to them looks good!

Looks good, yeah I’ll add icons. I was thinking maybe icons or tiny images, but then this is supposed to not have images, so…

Are you going to have an option for owning something digitally? Apart from some of the vinyl releases all my BF is digital. But when I add something to My Collection, it shows as Audio CD. Is there going to be a Digital category?

Also the limited Vinyl releases I own are showing under Audio CD category. I know there aren’t a lot of them so appreciate if a separate Vinyl category isn’t going to be an option.

I’m actually working on “digital ownership” right now (except it’s not called that).

Basically instead of saying you own the physical CD, you can now go into each story and say you own it - which covers digital, or VHS tapes that you recorded off the telly, or anything like that.

It’s currently in beta and I will announce it when it’s done :blush:

Also the limited Vinyl releases I own are showing under Audio CD category

Yeah… need to fix that :blush:


Thank you. & thank you in general for all the work going into this site/forum.

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