Stories from the Dawn of Time

Based on Lance Parkin and Lars Pearson’s A History, I wrote this guide for TARDIS Guide.

Which is your favourite story? Which one doesn’t work for you?

Are there any other stories from the Dawn of Time I’ve missed?

  • Timeless (BBC Books - EDAs)
  • Gods and Monsters (Big Finish Monthly Adventures)
  • The Dark Planet (Big Finish Lost Stories)
  • Deep Time (BBC Books - NSAs)
  • A Death in the Family (Big Finish Monthly Adventures)
  • Legion of the Lost (Big Finish The War Doctor)
  • The Edge of Destruction
  • Empire of the Racnoss (Big Finish Classic Doctors New Monsters)
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There’s a few good choices here, but I plumped for The Dark Planet which I think is a really good evocation of the experimentation and atmosphere of Season 2 of the TV show.