Stories available for FREE (Doctor Who and the Whoniverse)

I’ve made a new filter on the site so you can find stories available for free.

Either available on the Doctor Who website, on Big Finish, or on Spotify or Apple Music, there’s lots available to try for free!

I’ll be writing up a nice guide for this at some point, but I thought in the meantime I’d link this for forum members to see:

It’s also available as a new option on the Time-Space Randomiser!

Big thanks to @beqowl for compiling the list of things available on Spotify and Apple!

Which of these are the worth trying? Are there any I’ve missed? Let me know :smiley:


Brilliant idea. Hadn’t realised the ArcHive Tapes were on Spotify and I only have the first two (on cassette, old school through and through) so these will all get a relisten/listen soon.


Making this list made me angry at myself for how much money I’ve spent on Big Finish stuff that I could have listened to for free! So so glad I could help :heart:

They weren’t strictly in the remit of Big Finish, but I included them anyway as I really enjoyed listening to them! I almost wish that an updated one could be made to factor in the Lumic Cybermen and how they might have ‘interbred’ with N-Space Cybermen!

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Not all audio Doctor Who is Big Finish :slight_smile:

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Tubi has most of the Classic TV series available for free (only missing An Unearthly Child, Marco Polo, The Reign of Terror, The Crusade, The Massacre, The Daleks’ Masterplan, The Celestial Toymaker, The Smugglers, The Tenth Planet, The Highlanders, The Underwater Menace, The Moonbase, The Ice Warriors, The Web of Fear, The Wheel in Space, The Invasion, and The Space Pirates), as well as the whole of the Australian K9 series. You don’t need an account to watch, and adblockers actually work on that site if you’re using a browser.

And if we’re talking, uh… less official, i know for a fact that Slipback, The Paradise of Death, and The Ghosts of N-Space are on the Internet Archive. Possibly more, but i haven’t had need to check. yet.


Internet Archive also has the first 200 issues of DWM, all the VNAs, all the classic era Target Novels as best I can tell, and at least a scattering of others.


Tubi is an option for many just not all sadly, but other ways to get around that :wink:

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I’d like to include links to Tubi but have no way of accessing them.

If anyone is up for making a spreadsheet for me, I’d be very happy to add the links. I can provide a full list of the episode titles and you just have to paste in Tubi links.

Or I can create a shared Google Sheet so multiple people can work on it :wink:


Not being a goody two shoes (I’ve accessed plenty of ‘free’ material on the net) but what is the legality of Tubi? Do they have rights from the BBC to stream the show?

I assumed it was legit but now I don’t know!

It’s only available in the US. I just wondered if it was like Pluto TV or was less legit.

The fact that it blocks me because I’m not in the US makes me think it must be legit

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Tubi’s totally legit

Tubi is or was a parent company of fox corporation.


Currently working on this. I will include K9 links as well.

Done and sent :dizzy:


@deltaandthebannermen and @shauny
I just ran across this… sorry I’m late to the party but I have found Tubi.Com as an excellent resource for classic Who

As you know licensing makes things kinda tricky. It would still be great for those of in the US who dont know where to go to be provided those especially since Britbox on our end of the pond has dropped Dr Who.

Thanks to HBO Max we can watch Nu Who, Torchwood, Class, and Sarah Jane Adventures
Watch Doctor Who | Max

Disney having the most current season can make things confusing.
And since the Beeb has made things difficult to access we need all the info we can get.
I hope that makes sense :eyes:


Sadly Class is missing from MAX


It is available to buy from where I am at on Max and AppleTV

They make it far too complicated. But, challenging nonetheless


That’s Amazon though. It is available to buy/rent there as well as AppleTV and some other platforms, but it’s not on Max, unfortunately


Well thats true :blue_heart: :blue_heart: