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Obviously I understand that a star rating does exist on TARDIS guide (EX: where it says like 3.0) when not on an episode and just searching for it but I was wondering if the current rating level should be shown when you’re actually on the episode too rather than or in addition to the percentage. I feel like the percentage is hard to understand like does 50% mean that 50% of people gave a story five stars? Or is it 50% gave it any stars, does 50% mean 3 stars?


This is something I have debated about with myself… so the percentage is just a direct conversion of the star rating to a rating out of 100.

So if the average rating of a story is 4/5, then it would show 80% on the story page - those are exactly the same value.

The reason for showing a percentage instead of a rating out of 5 was because other websites use ratings out of 10, or percentages, and if I showed “4.0” on that page you might think it mean 4/10 which is bad.

I considered showing 4.0/5.0 but that looked quite inelegant to me, so I decided on “80%” but I understand that having a different rating number could potentially be confusing.

I’d appreciate some input here, what should I do?

  • Show percentage (80%)
  • Show number (4.0)
  • Show number like (4.0/5.0)
  • Show both (4.0, 80%)
  • Something else (reply)
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I don’t see why it couldn’t remain as it is. Showing the average score as a percentage is a fairly common practice and as you say, a 3/5 is the same as 60% and a 5/5 would be 100% (for instance).

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I honestly don’t see how a percentage is ambiguous myself - it feels like a more precise measure to me (even if it probably isn’t)