Special Features: Behind the Sofa

When I started collecting The Collection blu-rays, I found the Behind the Sofa series to be so much fun that it is always the first thing I watch when I get a new set. What are your thoughts on the series and who is favorite panelist? My favorite panelist hands down is Janet Fielding, she’s funny and great to watch.

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I love the Behind the Sofas, they’re so funny. I just wish they were longer mostly, I would watch endless hours of Janet Fielding and her blankets being snide about episodes :rofl: I also love it when they get Katy Manning to do it, she’s so wonderful


I’ve only seen the ones on the S22 blu-ray box set. They were alright, but I thought they could’ve assigned better seat assignments to make it more entertaining and less one-sided. For example, in this box set they had Colin, Nicola, and Terry Molloy on one set; Peter Davison, Janet, and Sarah on another; and Sylvester and Wendy on a third.

I thought combining all the Six-era members and all the Five-era people together was a misstep. There were questions and comments raised by the non-Six era groups that could’ve been addressed by either Colin or Nicola in order to enhance their viewing experience. Instead, it seemed like the newcomers walked away from the serials thinking “What did I just watch?” because they didn’t fully understand a plot point (like Wendy thinking the show was too violent because she thought Six pushed the guard into the vat of acid in Varos) or some other simple reason.


Having recently rewatched the Season 8 installments, I especially enjoyed Sacha Dhawan’s comments as he discovered the original Master and how his performanced was similar or different.

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