South Wales locations

Just wondered if there’s anyone else who lives in or near South Wales? I’m at the top of the Valleys and it’s wonderful to be driving along and see a somewhere that’s been used in an episode. I also like recreating the scene with my figures or lego.


The photos of the Third Doctor on Metebelus III are actually taken in the location they filmed the scenes for The Green Death.

The other 2 photos are taken up on top of the moors near Merthyr Tydfil, where a lot of scenes have been filmed. Ten and Rose meeting Queen Victoria, or Yas meeting the Police Officer in Can You Hear Me?.

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Wow, great photos!

No, I live in Suffolk but my husband has a factory in South Wales, maybe I need to go with him one time and have a look around!

I’ve been to Cardiff to The Doctor Who Experience, just before it closed down, that was awesome!

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This is possibly one of the geekiest things I’ve come across, great to seeing what’s been filmed near you.

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Love it!

I have plans on building a similar map, but for where stories are set.

Not sure when I’ll get around to it, lol

A map one is great! There’s also, but it hasn’t been updated for a long time.

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Just don’t go if he says he wants you to meet his new business partner, Colonel Masters… and definitely don’t sit in the plastic chair!


These are great! Very evocative.

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Ah cheers! :smiling_face:

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Location for The Green Death.