Small introduction - George

Not very into social media and posting things but decided I may as well give this a go. Hello! I’m George.

I suppose a usual way to do this would be to relate it to Doctor Who, so here’s the basic facts - my first story was the Five Doctors through its original DVD release, leading to a long period of Davison as my favourite Doctor as a child. Mostly disillusioned with the modern era (although never to the point of missing an episode, of course), I used this time rather unusually for a child and teenager by instead buying the Classic DVDs and Big Finish audios, my first of which was the wonderful Spare Parts. Once Jodie Whittaker became the Doctor in 2018 I fell in love with the current show again and her era contains some of my favourite stories in the DW Universe. I’d say my ‘favourite Doctors’ (something I’m not particularly fond of, because mostly I’m positive about all of them) are William Hartnell, Colin Baker, and Jodie Whittaker.

In the broader Doctor Who spin-offs, my favourite by far is Iris Wildthyme, both in prose and audio.


Welcome, George! There are lots of Ol’ Sixie and Thirteen fans here to chat to :blush:

I’ve never listened to any Iris Wildthyme, really interested in giving that a go sometime!

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Yayyy I love my Aunty Iris too <3 I actually did an Iris cosplay last year when I met Katy Manning who is like the loveliest person in the whole world.



Welcome to the forum @ecclesofficial - I hope you enjoy your time here.

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Thank you! I really recommend the Iris audios - first series is a good a place to start as any, although back when I listened to them there was no way other than buying the physical CDs off of eBay. Perhaps this has changed by now? A really good other place to begin is the fifth series - a sort of ‘soft reboot’ for the series, and every single one of its 8 stories are brilliant.

Oh yes and Iris is great fun - barmy but fun!

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This is wonderful to hear! My friend has received a lovely video message from Manning when he was feeling down - no better medicine than her contagious loveliness!


Absolutely! Great to see there’s many Iris fans here too!

Sixie and Thirteen fan reporting for duty o7