Six Degrees of Separation

I was listening to Toby Hadoke’s podcast commentary for Silver Nemesis and it reminded me that my PE teacher at secondary school (who also directed our drama productions), Mr Leonard, was cousin to Fiona Walker (and even knew she’d been in a Hartnell story).

So I have one degree of separation from Lady Peinforte.

What are your six degrees of separation (or less) from a Doctor Who actor or production team member?


I once got something signed in person by Danny John-Jules. With him being in Red Dwarf, and there being a Red Dwarf A-Z Red Dwarf/Doctor Who crossover thing, 1 degree?

I have a family member who’s worked with a few DW actors due to working in theatre. The most prominent is probably Arthur Darvill. Apparently he was lovely!

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Oh I’ve got loads of things signed by actors from the show :smiley:

I meant more family/friends/colleagues connections

(Not to rain on your parade though - I’d love to meet DJJ - he’s in Maid Marion and Death in Paradise too - two more of my favourite shows).

I was going to ask ‘ooh! What do you have signed?’ but that would derail the topic further! Maybe it could be its own topic? I’m interested as I have practically nothing that’s signed!

Well, in America, so I’m lucky to have gotten that close; and I haven’t gotten anything signed by an actor from the show.

DJJ is great. As he approached where he was going to be signing things, he went down the line shaking everyone’s hands. Very much an actor I like, too.

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My dad’s friend used to be a regular at the same pub Simon Williams used to frequent, a fact I discovered when I was in my hardcore Counter-Measures phase so naturally that delighted md


Only person that’s signed anything of mine other than Danny John-Jules is Ray Bradbury. Both signatures I’m quite happy to have, though.


My sister is on first name terms with Eddie/Suzie Izzard, who could maybe sort of kind of count being rumoured for 9 pre-2005, and the inspiration for one of the doctors in The Tomorrow Windows?

If you want a more solid link though, my boyfriend’s mum is (used to be?) friends with Miles Richardson (who voices Irving Braxietel)


I met Miles at a convention once - seemed like a really nice bloke.