Silurians - Eocenes - Earth Reptiles - Do they have a right to the planet?

Bloodtide, currently the subject of Audio Club, brings the famed Pertwee-debuting monster to audio.

Despite being a popular monster, it has been said that their stories can tend to be overly similar plotwise.

Is this true? Do you agree?

The Silurians have made it into comic strip, book and audio form and (if rumours are to be believed) may also be making a return to TV in the long-rumoured spin-off.

What are you favourite Silurians stories? What are you least favourite stories? And head over to the games category for a new Elimination Game.


I’m regrettably not familiar with much expanded media featuring the Silurians or Sea Devils, but I think they peaked on the first go.

I feel later stories are mostly very derivative but they generally do enough to stand out, but none of them quite click like Doctor Who and the Silurians. Though I feel Legend of the Sea Devils presents an interesting case to keep it that way. That story features none of the land dispute and it feels a bit off? It’s a decent story, I think, it’s a little slapdash and I personally believe the final edit probably wasn’t what it was meant to be. Though the presence of Sea Devils doesn’t feel justified. Then I guess the counter argument is that you don’t really need one, they’re an aquatic monster and those new costumes are glorious, I bet Russell to reuse the masks (but give them new clothes, as is tradition!)

The Seas of Titan from the Ninth Doctor adventures is the only expanded media story I’ve experienced with either race and honestly it’s the better successor to Doctor Who and the Silurians, great story, hitting some of the same general beats as always but giving the Sea Devils some nice worldbuilding, treating them as a properly developed civiliasation, and setting the story away from Earth so the ending doesn’t have to be a foregone conclusion and the political aspect can shine. I’d love to recommend it but the rest of that box set is a bit of a stinker.

Hope to see more of the Silurians and Sea Devils in future, and hopefully something new done with them too.