Should the Remember 82 Kid come back

As I said on Youtube: Also, Robin Soans only returned to play a character who only exists to die, and is credited as his manner of death - “Chronolock Guy” dying by a Chronolock, and is played by a famous actor while “Alien Lady”, “Habrian Lady”, and “Elderly Lady” are played by extras, (it would be funny if Angela Clerkin was the redhead extra girl from Kassia and Tremas’ wedding) which makes me think that’s intentional, not relation wise as all four of the characters are apparently Habrians (if they were Trakenites then Nyssa would’nt be the last of her kind, which is a big part of her character) (married couple ALady and CGuy, single mom ELady with her daughter HLady, with HLady’s father dying during the events that led the four of them to move to Earth) and is meant to reference Luvic’s death\Traken’s destruction. As right after that, Clara says “do Cybermen show mercy?” and there’s also “Remember 82” said by the Doctor to a kid resembling a five year old Peter Davison. Clara and Adric are supposed to have parallels to each other. I guess said kid (he’s 14 now) should come back as either an Alzarian or Trakenite if not as Fivey\a Fivey-esque Doctor himself, bringing the show Full Circle… WHICH IS ALSO THE NAME OF ADRICS DEBUT EPISODE. MORE REASONS TO BRING SAID KID BACK THEN

Anyway his name is Braic Grimwade Sourceheart now