Series 14: Expanded

With Series 14/Season 1/Season 40 (whatever you want to call it) having wrapped up, it’s time to look at the expanded media that’s been set during this season and if bolsters the season and adds to it, or detracts from what was on TV/streaming.

By my count, there are the three NSA novels (Ruby Red, Caged, Eden Rebellion), the four Target novelizations that may or may not add to their respective stories (Church on Ruby Road, Space Babies, 73 Yards, Rogue), the Titan 15th Doctor run, the two DWM comic stories (Mancopolis, The Hans of Fear), and a handful of short stories and other bits and pieces. Now, I get that some of these aren’t out yet and that there will probably be more stuff over the years to add to this. But this is the place to discuss these things in more broad strokes.


It’s definitely a series built well for the extended universe, with lots of room for gaps that imply Ruby and the Doctor were up to more than what was shown, and even quite a bit of space to explore both characters.

I haven’t touched on any of these things yet, but bring em on! Always down for more Who. :slight_smile:


I agree that there seems to be a lot of gaps. The only thing I’ve tackled was the FCBD comic from Titan (and that’s because it was in a Titan Humble Bundle). Because I generally get everything through my library, I’ll be waiting on collected editions for the comics. The books, we’ll see when I get a hold of a copy.


So after some perusal of US Amazon, Caged and Ruby Red aren’t available until mid-September. And the Series 14 Target novelizations aren’t available until mid-October.

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