Season One Trailer Wars!

I can’t decide which trailer I like best.

Trailer 1:

Trailer 2:

I love that trailer 2 is more emotional, you can see that the show is going to be deep with epic speeches, the Doctor crying, mortal peril. It is all so epic.

But trailer 1 describes the show more for new viewers and of course has the awesome song “Changes” which goes so well.

Help me decide :laughing:

  • Trailer 1
  • Trailer 2
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I think I’ve got a slight preference for the second, but I’m not really sure why if I’m honest

I thought that I liked #2 more but then I watched them again and now I think I like the first one more. They are both amazing but Changes makes the first one better.

I like the second trailer better overall, but I like David Bowie, and I like the song “Changes”…


I love Bowie and I think Changes fits the first trailer really well, but I do think I actually prefer the music of the second one with the really fun beat through the beginning and then the more dramatic orchestral stuff


2 shows way more of the heart of the show for me so I think I’d go for that one out of the two

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The second one feels like it shows more. The first one has the UNIT landing sequence, the butterfly sequence, and the “I will keep her safe” scene. In a 2-mimute trailer, those are quite long scenes. The second one cuts those scenes short and uses that time to show us more and different stuff.

Additionally, the first one’s fairly lighthearted and consistent in tone, while the second has more variety, including an element of darkness with the “into dust” line.

(also the second one’s been color-graded correctly, so it doesn’t look washed out)


i really liked both but just barely prefer the second one- it’s got a lot of the same scenes as the first one, but because it doesn’t reuse scenes from Church on Ruby Road there’s just more new stuff there. The first trailer is definitely really good for introducing people to the show though, and Changes works really well with it, but the second one just has a really fun energy to it.