Season One: Trailer 1

Technically operetta and not on TV :wink:


I’ve watched this about a dozen times now, I’m obsessed. So excited!


Has there ever been a better DW trailer?? It’s so hype! The show looks exciting and sexy.


Sexy is definitely the right word :blush:


How many have watched the trailer in slowmo :innocent:

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Haha I was doing that earlier and taking screenshots of my favourite bits! I’d post them but they didn’t come out in the best quality.

Saw this on Threads and I dunno how they got them so nice. Maybe these are released images.


On Youtube you can press . or , to advance or rewind one frame at a time, which I find really helpful for if I want to get a really good screenshot of a scene


I am obsessed with the music. Is this a remix or a cover of Changes? Is there a full version of it? I need this in my playlists!

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It’s hard to be sure exactly which version it is…

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Doctor Who absolutely can do anything :+1: And I would love to see how a musical episode could be pulled off.

But based on “The Goblin Song”, “My Angel put the Devil in me”, “Song for 10”, “Love don’t roam”, “The Stowaway” and “Abigail’s Song (Silence is all you know)” could we please please please have someone other that Murray Gold in charge of making those songs… That is not a part of his skill set in my opinion (though he makes excellent orchestral compositions and themes)
And Russell T Davies made the lyrics for “The Goblin Song” :thinking: so I am not sure I would trust him to be in charge of such an episode.
I like both of them, but a whole episode of that would be painful for me :grin:

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I agree with the songs not being great so far.

Can’t Disney hook us up with Lin-Manuel Miranda?!

I would almost count Gunfighters as a musical

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How 'bout if we got Weird Al to do it? :stuck_out_tongue:

And Jack Black will seemingly do anything these days :thinking:

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Including working with Weird Al! (Or at least appearing in his music videos.)

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Hadn’t seen that one before, but surely that isn’t Jack Black… Where’s his bleedin’ beard?!?

(On another note I have no idea who any of the other people in that video are :thinking:)

The guest cameos were Aisha Tyler, Margaret Cho, Eric Stonestreet, Kristen Schaal, and Jack Black.

Main other person in the video I could place is Kristen Schaal, who, among other things, voices Mabel on Gravity Falls.

Thanks for clearing that up, though I am none the wiser - I haven’t heard of any of those people :wink:

Well, I can give a little context on Mabel, at least…

Oh, and over in dream casting, imagine Danny Elfman doing the musical episodes music…

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