Review Badges & Titles are here! 🥇

Reviews are becoming an even bigger part of the site since that other site has self-immolated, and I’ve added a much-requested feature: Review Badges!

I didn’t want to simply hand out badges for those who could copy and paste the most reviews from some other site though - you’ll have to really earn these badges. All of them are earned by receiving “likes” from other members.

How to get likes? Write good content, and spread the word! The more people that view your reviews and sign up to the site, the more likes and badges you will get :blush:

Please note that requesting that people like your review in the review text would clutter the reviews, and is prohibited.

Here is a guide to the three types of badges currently available:

Badges for single reviews

If you’ve written an excellent review that gathers up likes, you will unlock a badge! All of these badges can be unlocked multiple times.

Nice Review - Receive 5 likes on a review
Good Review - Receive 10 likes on a review
Great Review - Receive 20 likes on a review

Reviewer Level Badges

To indicate what level of reviewer you are, these badges accrue as you add more reviews and get more likes. This is the total number of likes across all reviews. This may appear next to your name on all reviews in a future update.

Reviewer Level 1 - Write 10 reviews, get at least 10 likes
Reviewer Level 2 - Write 50 reviews, get at least 50 likes
(Other reviewer levels are available, keep reviewing!)

Special Badges & Titles

Rather than just a numbers game, these difficult to unlock special badges & titles are earned for consistently great reviews. They can be used as a title on the forum and website to show off your reviewing prowess. I will also consider adding them as badges next to all your reviews.

Appreciated Reviewer - Receive 1 like on 100 reviews
Respected Reviewer - Receive 2 likes on 200 reviews
Admired Reviewer - Receive 5 likes on 1000 reviews

Please let me know what you think - some of the numbers may need tweaking and I’m more than happy to do that. I wanted to keep a balance between rewarding reviewers but also giving them something to strive for!


Brilliant! Thank you for setting these up!


Ooh, I’ve already got my first Reviewer badge!


Me too! I like it; it really spurs you to write more reviews!


Well, I’ve got a goal to work towards now!