Reeltime now on TARDIS Guide

Thanks to @ineffyble, Reeltime is now on TARDIS Guide!

I’ve never seen any of these but the one I definitely want to try is Downtime - it features The Brig, Sarah Jane Smith, Victoria Wakefield, and introduces Kate Stewart!

Have you seen any of these? What are your favourites?


Excellent. Another champion of the Wilderness Years!


Unironically I actually love Downtime, I think it is so fun. It’s silly, but it’s fun


Wartime was great, very good indeed. It was incredibly confusing but very atmospheric, very emotional, very interesting. It certainly did much more with Benton than the classic series ever did such as having him be an actual character and not just there.

Downtime was… okay. Just okay.

Daemos Rising was a considerable improvement, interesting.

I don’t remember much about Mindgame, but I think it was also interesting.

I did watch the first episode of the Olive Hawthorn thing too, it was interesting.

Wartime is definitely my favourite, highly underrated.


Haven’t seen any of these, and heard less generally about them than BBV, but definitely seen some of them talked about around, and they seem interesting


Mindgame is good but suffers from a horrific fancy dress gorilla mask for the villain which the first time I saw it, I genuinely thought was going to be pulled off to reveal the mastermind beneath.

Mindgame Trilogy, three monologues from the three main characters from Mindgame is very good IMO.

Downtime and Wartime are very good. Daemos Rising is odd and I haven’t actually watched the White Witch yet despite having it for ages.



Okay, I already have reviews for their wilderness years releases which I can add. Fab addition.


I think I seen a few and going from this list, yes! I did. I do really wanna see that Sil Movie and I am interested in those Mindgame Episodes.
Besides that I seen War Time, which I think works pretty good I’d say, while it sometimes try to go for something that leads itself to be confusing, it does some daring stuff with Benton, which definitely helps his Character.
I haven’t seen Downtime in a while, I believe I enjoyed it to some parts of it, thanks to our leads.
And Return to the Shakedown is interesting from what I can recall. Overall I think Reeltime is a bit better than BBV in my books, at least from what I’ve seen.


I know next to nothing about these but have wanted to watch them for ages. Perhaps I’m more motivated now that they are on the Guide. They do sound interesting and I’m generally very impressed by all the weird and wonderful stuff that was released during the Wilderness Years.


Released in 1905? Was there time travel involved here or a typo? :wink:


Good spot. We’ll get it changed. I had wondered why it was listed before Wartime as I know Wartime was the very first one released.


Looks like Deltaandthebannermen fixed this already.

In my defence, this was like this in the spreadsheet I was given :sweat_smile:


Thanks to your hard work, TARDIS Guide has brought to my attention that I missed Shakedown on my chronological watch through - will have to go back and fill in that gap!!

It’s a shame the BBV releases are so damn expensive, the Reeltime releases have always been accessibly priced for fans (which I think is essential when you’re offering up fan productions of varying quality!)


I consider giving money to BBV to be somewhat immoral, what with their actions and all, and so tend to avoid it. Just about everybody formerly involved with BBV has advocated against giving money to them, and supported boycotting them. As someone who knows a lot of people who used to work with BBV, I think they’d all much prefer people who wish to experience the content to avoid giving money to them.


I don’t know what BBV have done - but that doesn’t sound great. Will have a look.

Luckily I think they priced themselves out of me unwittingly parting with my cash! :laughing:


Basically, they hired a known paedophile (tw) and refused to apologise for it, also they have a terrible track record with paying their creatives, and don’t have much care for people’s IPs. This by a friend who worked with BBV is a good rundown of their behaviour. After losing the rights to Faction Paradox and the Brigadier, Baggs continued making money off of audios featuring things he did not have the license to, claiming that it was all perfectly legal and fine. Baggs is just not a very nice person.


Oh God that’s awful. Thank you for the info / link. I’m sorry for your friend, that must be so frustrating for them. An easy one to avoid I think.


I’ve seen Shakedown and Downtime!

Shakedown is a lovely little story (minus a repetition of the “Sontarans don’t understand human gender” bit from The Time Warrior in a way that, nonsensically, turns misogynistic and almost sexual), I’d recommend it—Carole Ann Ford is especially good among the actors playing humans, but for me personally the highlight is definitely the Sontarans themselves.

Downtime I don’t think is particularly good; the story feels unfocused, the climax feels deeply unsatisfying, and whatever’s going on with the Brigadier is far too opaque. However, Deborah Watling gives a tour de force performance that’s truly my favorite performance of hers I’ve seen, John Leeson’s DJ character is quite engaging, and Beverly Cressman is great as the original portrayer of Kate Lethbridge-Stewart. I think the novelisation is actually slightly better in this case; it doesn’t fix the issues with the ending et al. but it does add a pre-Battlefield Bambera cameo during the climax that made me smile and have a much stronger beginning with more scenes and worldbuilding to help it along.

I really want to see the Mindgame saga eventually, and I’m also somewhat interested in Wartime and Dæmos Rising.