Random thoughts 💭

Good morning from Denmark!

Was the entire Timeless Child storyline really nothing more than Chris Chibnall wanting to irrefutably “canonise” the Morbius Doctors?:thinking::grin:

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Well, good morning from a snowy Finland!

Answer: no, it wasn’t!

Don’t take this away from me! :wink:

Good morning from a rainy Sweden! I don’t know but wanted to join this Nordic morning conversation

We need more people from Scandinavia :slightly_smiling_face:
And for the record it’s sunny in Denmark, and I’m on my third cup of coffee as I’ve been up most night with a boy with chickenpox - silly, random thoughts might appear…

Actually Joy Piedmont from the “Reality Bomb” and “Five Years Rapid” podcasts had an absolutely amazing interview with Chibnall where he talked about how the idea for the Timeless Child partly came from himself being adopted - I think it is on both of those feeds.


Where are our fellow Norwegian and Icelandic fans?

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Yes we do. Were is our Norway representation?

Chickenpox is a hard one. Hope he gets better soon.

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Thanks, now they’ve all three had it so we should be good on that front in the future :crossed_fingers:

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