Random life update

Hi all,

I just wanted to post a life update. Why? Becuase I don’t have any friends and the people on this forum are the only non-family I interact with on a regular basis. Obviously you don’t know me well. I’m just an avatar on this silly little forum, but I wanted to put some stuff out there for my own venting needs.

I’ve worked my entire life. Out of school at 17 I worked for BT. then in my mid 20s my friend opened a comic shop. I took a drastic pay cut to start working there but it was fun. I was the onyl employee for ages. I then moved onto my current employer as more money etc.

I have been working nights, about 8 ish years, for a popular UK retailer. I’m primarily on my own. Over the past year or so my body has started to react negativly to the job. To be blunt over worked, under paid and getting older. I’ve basically burned all my holiday time off finding a new job.

Today I went for an interview even though I am kinda ill with a cold/flu thing. But an hour after the interview I was setting my head on my bed when I got a phone call. I’d got the new job. Less hours, about the same pay, day times. On my own 90% of the time. Less physical labor and working within a speciality retailer that is fun. Takes me back to my younger days.

On Monday my time off is over but I get to walk in with a resignation letter and take the rest of my days as my notice. then on to my new job in May.

A Ramble but I wanted to get this off my chest.



Congrats. Your mind and body is always more important then any job. The amount of jobs out there that do not care and just think of you as a number is astronomical, just to squeeze every little bit of lifeforce out of you.
Enjoy your new adventure.


Vent all you’ll like my avatar friend. Get it off your chest and good luck with the next chapter of your life :1tardis:


that’s great to hear!!! always good to get an opportunity to be kinder to your body. i hope you enjoy the new place :]


Congrats, it can be so soul-destroying to be stuck in a job you hate (I’ve had that a few times! I have some stories! :laughing:)

Hopefully you’ll get a new lease of life if you’re not so stressed and overworked.



Congratulations. That is awesome. Hope that this new job will start an exciting new chapter of your life! We need more happy random life updates here!


Sounds like a positive move for you. And always feel free to vent/share/whatever here.


Congratulations and good luck! I hope your new job treats you right.


Excited for you! That’s definitely a life update worth sharing! I just started a new job too a couple weeks ago; life has been much better leaving a job I hated and overworked me. So I wish you the best of luck in your new job!!



Like others have said being stuck in those situations is so damaging, and I’m super happy for you to move somewhere better and healthier for you.

Kudos to you for landing it!

Sending :sparkling_heart:.

200w (1)


Thanks everyone. Today I went and signed the contract for the new job and went and handed my notice in. Thankfully the manager is an understanding and cool person. I Start at new job on 13 May with a training course.