Question about the Eighth Doctor audio ranges

To anyone who has listened to all of the Eighth Doctor’s most recent audio ranges:

I’m trying to work out if there is a specific order to these different sets. I am avoiding reading too many spoilers about them because they are next on my list to listen, but I want to get the site right (the troubles of being a fan and also working on the site!)

So I thought I’d ask you lovely lot.

I know about how these are connected:

The Eighth Doctor Adventures (with Lucie Miller) > Dark Eyes > Doom Coalition > Ravenous > Stranded > What Lies Inside? > Connections

But then, as Liv and Helen don’t feature in these sets I’m not sure if they can be connected or should be left completely separate:

Audacity > In the Bleak Midwinter
Time War 1 > Time War 2 > Time War 3 > Time War 4 > Time War 5

Thanks, and please no spoilers :smiley:

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From what I’ve understood, the Time War sets are meant to come at the very end of Eight’s timeline (obviously), as they will eventually lead to his regeneration in Night of the Doctor.

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Yep that’s understandable!

What about Audacity? Is it in any way implied that it is set after the Eighth Doctor’s adventures with Liv and Helen? Or will there by more 8+Liv+Helen in the future do we think?

Well, Liv and Helen are back in the upcoming Connections set. I have listened to Audacity and In The Bleak Midwinter, which follows it, but I don’t rememeber them giving any hints as to their placement on the timline. However, looking at 8th’s appearance on the covers and based on the fact that Charley appears in The Bleak Midwinter, they should be placed before Dark Eyes.

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Do you mean Echos?

And that’s great thanks, I think Audacity is unconnected. I will leave it as separate.

Aah, Echos yes :smiley: I got my sets mixed up!

As far as I understand it, it goes MR > Lucie > DE > DC > Rav > Stranded

Then Audacity and ItBM slots in somewhere after the MR stuff but definitely before Lucie, WLI and Connections and any other Liv/Helen stuff is between the very last scenes of Stranded.

And TW kind of is after all this jaunting around with companions, and it’s completely a separate thing that doesn’t 100% need any other Big Finish 8 stories at all to understand it.

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My friend filled out the entirety of the Eighth Doctors Big Finish run, I’ve had to screenshot as I don’t know if he wants his Google Sheet being shared openly.

It should be pointed out that Best Year Ever has a very small segment near the end that the additional sets with Liv and Helen take place within.


Yeah, Audacity and Bleak Midwinter are set during the early Monthly range with Charley Pollard (there’s no exact placement because there’s technically nowhere it can fit, but that’s a seprate issue), and the Time War stuff is set well after everything else (and I strongly suspect the eventual finale will lead into Night of the Doctor).

It’s also probably worth a mention that I strongly suspect that all 3 of the currently running series are building to a crossover, so I don’t want to commit to saying they’re totally seprate.

I tend to view Doom Coalition as season 1, Ravenous as season 2, Stranded as season 3, Time War (1-4) as season 4, with Lies Inside, Connections, Time War 5, Audacity, and Bleak Midwinter all forming season 5 in that order, with the time jumping as part of the narrative, although I recognize that’s quite bizzare and very much based on a theory that may not be true.


I believe Audacity and In the Bleak Midwinter are supposed to be intertwined with the first Charley Arc, intended to be set between the first and second seasons if memory serves correct, and that Audacity is intended to have a connection to Hieronyma Friend from the most recent Eight Time War set.

The Hieronyma Friend thing is a big part of why I think a crossover’s coming

I say there’s no good place for more adventures to fit because Neverland explicitly says that the only adventures 8 and Charley have had up to that point are the ones we’ve heard in the previous episodes. They list them out in story as happening one after the other (The Further Adventuress set has this same problem, and the same solution of just staying vague and ignoring it)

You could say that all this is a big ball of wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff!

And don’t forget that Company of Friends and the Mary Shelley trilogy take place before Charley.