Profile Privacy Overhaul

As part of my work on profiles, I did a Profile Privacy overhaul today.

Before the options were a little confusing an contradictory. Now it’s a lot simpler, see screenshot of the settings below (found in My Account > Profile Privacy).

You can now easily completely hide your profile - it won’t be visible in the directory, and won’t be possible to link to your profile.

Or you can keep it visible, but block search engines from discovering it. Or if you’re conscious about displaying your own activity on the site (which has timestamps), then you can disable publishing recent activity (followers or people visiting your profile will no longer see a list of what you’ve been doing on the site), and hide your last login date/time (this currently only shows as a sort order on the Members page).

I’ve migrated settings over, but you may want to have a quick check of your settings to make sure they are as you expect.

Let me know if there are any other changes you’d like me to make here!


This is a great change in this day and age when people are more aware of their privacy on the internet. I don’t mind displaying my profile and activity on the site, but I’m glad that different options exist for those who value their privacy!