Profile page improvements

I am working on profile pages at the moment.

(“but you said you were working on quotes, then reviews, why profiles?” You ask. Well 1) I do flit around a bit and do whatever I feel like doing, sorry not sorry, but also 2) for several reasons the profile pages need to change to facilitate loads of cool things I have planned, including quotes and reviews, okay!)

So while I’m doing this here is an opportunity to see if there are any changes you’d like to see to profiles.

I will keep a note of any suggestions, and if some of them are fairly quick and easy then they will be added sooner rather than later. Hit me! :grin:


For example one quick addition - you may already see that on the Members Page people’s forum titles are displaying now! I’ll also add them on the Profile pages. Fun!


I’m also going to show favourite badges and maybe one or more of your favourite quotes straight on the profile page.


A few profile improvements were launched today!

(It doesn’t look like much but I completely re-engineered how profiles work in the backend…)

Lots of new features are on the way, but for now just this:

There is now a way to view other people’s 5-star, 4-star, etc, stories! Have a nose at what people’s highest and lowest rated stories are!

Here’s what I have planned:

  • Add links to your website, and social media (may be Patrons-only, or maybe just Verified-only…)
  • Link to view the quotes you’ve submitted
  • Choose a few favourite quotes to show on your page
  • I’m considering giving Patrons a big box to add whatever they want in - HTML, images, etc… a bit like MySpace. Could be fun. Could be a disaster. What do you think??
  • A few other fun things planned which I haven’t started yet…

I like it so far. Couple of days to get used to the changes but if it leads to good stuff then I’m all for it.


Lovely! Great work as always @shauny!


Nice to see my suggestion about viewing a user’s 1-5 rankings put into action.


I was trying to find your post where you suggested it, so I could reply in place, but no need to now :grin: