PRIME JUST DELETED DOCTOR WHO (europe/netherlands?)

Just discovered i cant find me doctor who anymore!
I bee livin’ in the netherlands and all the first 10 seasons of the revival have SUNKEN WITH THE FISHES!!!



I’m not sure what they are going to do. It’s not going to Disney+, so where are they moving it to?

Surely restricting access to Doctor Who around the world at the same time as launching a new series is a fatal flaw?


i honestly dont know where to, maybe to netflix or hbo? we dont have britbox here…

I really hope everything eventually ends up at disney+, all classic and modern in one place!


I feel bad for anyone without access to iPlayer. We have a whole section dedicated to Doctor Who with dozens of shows in it :exploding_head:

I just counted, there are 27 sections like this:


Would really be nice to have it all in one place one day. On a streaming service thats just available here!

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yup. Luckily i got to watch journeys end 3 days ago. Was planning to watch one of the tenth doctor specials yesterday and then i find out its just goners. Planning on watching classic Who out of frustration instead via internet archive. Who needs that stupid modern who melodrama anyways. The show was better when it was still in black and white anyways mumble mumble


Just looked, the only Doctor Who content available online in Denmark is the new D+ stuff as well…


This has been the case here in Sweden for awhile.

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Until recently Prime had the first 10 2005 seasons.
Oh Netflix has the second Cushing movie, but not the first… Odd that.

There must be a plan for the content in the future right? Right??


Well, it could have been planned by the same people who planned for leaving the EU…


There are quite a lot of references in the D+ stuff to both classic and modern stuff. My guess (and hope) is that D+ is waiting to see if the new stuff takes off before acquiring worldwide rights - that could explain why DW is unavailable several places in the world, D+ is probably holding the optional rights to distribution. Also they could be waiting for all streaming rights to DW runs out worldwide before doing a global launch.
I can’t imagine RTD not pushing for something like that when negotiating the D+ deal.


It would make sense seeing how instrumental RTD was in getting absolutely everything (with that one glaring exception :rage: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:) on to BBC iPlayer, that he would want the same content available globally.


OTOH, Tales of the TARDIS is still not available outside the UK by legal means…


General online reaction so far seems to be something along the line of:
Arr! Shiver me timbers! Make the BBC walk the plank! Sail the high seas!
So far, anyways.

As such, probably a good time to remind people not to post any links to any illegal archives of Doctor Who material you may know of openly in the forums, since, well, we really can’t have that for liability reasons. (i.e.: we don’t want the BBC’s lawyers contacting shauny…)

Edit: Canada’s also missing the episodes, btw…


Here in Germany you can still buy them, same as before. As far as I know it has never been free here.