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Dalek, TV Club’s current discussion topic, is well known as being an adaptation of Robert Shearman’s Big Finish script, Jubilee.

Across the modern series there have been a few TV stories which have started out as stories in other media.

The Rise of the Cybermen/Age of Steel is a very very very loose adaptation of Spare Parts (Marc Platt gets a credit).

Blink is based on the short story ‘What I Did in My Holidays by Sally Sparrow’

The Lodger was a comic strip originally with the Doctor shacking up with Mickey Smith.

Which adapted stories are your favourites and which expanded universe stories do you think could be adapted into good TV episodes?


Don’t forget “The Star Beast”, based on the comic strip of the same name!


Human Nature/Family of Blood adapting Human Nature by Paul Cornell.

While I would have prefered Seven and Benny, Ten and Martha (eurgh) fit into the story well.


I said somewhere else that a loose adaptation of Once and Future would make a good series of specials.

In context of the 60th the idea would have been:

13 gets hit by a regeneration gun thing and they turn into a past doctor who has an episode adventure while trying to figure out what happened. Last episode is 13 confronting the baddie who shot them and then they regen into Gatwa/(now)14.

Rufus Hounds version of The Monk would be a good addition the live action.

Key2Time as a full series of 8 episodes. Notstalgia for Key to Time to please some fans (ie ME).


I don’t want it, but it’d be funny as hell to adaprt Shada into a mainline TV episode just to get another version of it out there

Other than that, torchwood the story continues would be nice, but I think my real want would be a new Torchwood series loosly inspired by Soho


The universe is telling me to buy Soho in the current Torchwood sale…


Soho is good!!

What’s not to love about more Norton?