Please give me behind the scenes facts!

I am bored and I always love to hear facts about Dr Who - we all already know the Kamelion is cursed and Colin left in the woods stories (and if you don’t please ask because they’re great!!) but I want to know some really deep cuts of lore. What’s the most obscure story about Dr Who that you know?

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I definitely need to hear about the curse of Kamelion! :sunglasses:

I don’t feel like most of the things I know behind the scenes are at all obscure. Talking about a few anyways, since you never know what others have heard…

During the Greatest Show In the Galaxy, an explosion going off behind the Doctor was mistimed, and hit him in the back, setting the back of his coat on fire… and they couldn’t reshoot, so that’s the take in the episode.

In Battlefield, when Sophie Aldred was in that trap filling up with water, it started cracking under the pressure, and Sylvester McCoy may very well have saved her life by alerting everyone that it was going wrong.

In Inferno, when the Brigade Leader turns around, wearing that eyepatch… everyone else had also put on an eyepatch as a gag.