Peter Capaldi's Birthday

In honour of Peter Capaldi turning 66 today I just wanted to see what everyones favourite Episode/Performance of his you had.

For me I really like his entire run in The Zygon Invasion/Inversion. Other than the great ‘Model War’ scene, his performance thoughout the entire episode is facinating. Wanting to help but being suspicious of everyone at the same time.

No poll, just a natter.


I would say the run between Face the Raven to Wedding of River Song, but he’s fantastic in every appearence


Wedding is great. His speech in Hell Bent, and the ending, is great. I like the idea of Heaven Sent more than its execution.

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Going to be a popular answer, but yeah heaven sent for me, the Zygon speech is probably my favourite moment though

Also the end of season 8: “An idiot… with a box” is another moment, where I just fell in love with him



No, sir. All thirteen!


Heaven Sent, without a doubt. Probably the best acted episode by any Doctor.

I also love the speech in the Zygon Inversion, and The Doctor Falls.

I think he does epic Doctor speeches better than anyone else!


Seconding Heavent Sent, what a wonderful episode. I really love s10 Twelve, I love the grumpy professor thing and I think it’s a really great furthering of his character


Gonna dig out a couple of deeper cuts, although I also agree with the other takes.

Deep Breath is a stellar first performance, even if they haven’t actually managed to nail down a lot of what would eventually make 12 who he was, the moments alone with the Clockwork Man, and those last moments when he asks Clara to see him are just perfectly underplayed. After coming from two Doctors who tended to overplay things (and going into a time where things will continue to be overplayed, looking at you a little bit Zygon Invasion/Inversion), an older actor who knows when to hold back in particular moments was a breath of fresh air.

TIME HEIST gets a small mention because aesthetically I think it’s incredible, so bloody weird.

Magician’s Apprentice/Witch’s Familiar - Peter Capaldi vs Davros and all of the Daleks? Yes please, all of it.

TWICE UPON A TIME - controversial, but you can also tell he’s having a blast mucking about with David Bradley, and calling the First Doctor “Mary Berry” is peak disrespect.


I loooooove Time Heist, such an underrated ep!!


Agreed that the stretch from FtR to Husbands is incredible. Absolute peak of the whole show IMO, my two favorite stories back to back. Honestly all of S9 is peak, with the exception of Sleep No More which is probably my least favorite episode of the show and that I pretend is not part of the season


I immediately fell in love with his Doctor upon first seeing him in Robot of Sherwood, so that’s one I’ll always return to. Heaven Sent is a tour de force that can’t go without a mention. Thin Ice has some of my favorite stuff with his character. An oversimplification in a very politically questionable story the scale model of war speech may be, but Capaldi’s performance in it is undeniably powerful. And he always moves me with his declaration to the Masters in The Doctor Falls.


God how could I forget that last one

Stand With Me.

Breaks my heart every time.