Personal blog posts that are reviews

I have no idea if this is an easy thing or even possible, but I think it would be kind of cool if you could sort of make a blog post type thing about stories you’ve marked as watched/listened to/etc, with maybe the ability to tag them? So they’d be on your personal profile, but on a specific story, or collectable I guess too. Like how when you rate a product you can also write a short review, something like that, except as a personal post on your profile?

I just think it would be quite cool, though if it’s too difficult, oh well. The site is definitely worth using without such a feature, and is honestly such an incredible creation! Thank you to the whole TARDIS guide team, this site is amazing!!!



Hi Thera and welcome to the site.

This is something I think Shauny is definitely considering for a patron benefit of the site.

Ooh, that’s really exciting! Ngl that might be the push I need to become a patron. Do you think if it is added as a feature, they’ll send notifications/emails about it, or will I just need to keep the tab open and see what happens?

Shauny usually notifies people. Have you signed up to the email newsletter?

And he puts updates etc on to Discord fairly regularly.

Yes, I have! Haven’t joined the discord because I’m just in so many servers atm that it’s starting to feel a bit overwhelming, but I might at some point

Hey yes this is definitely something I have considered adding to the site, even had it on my list of “Possible Patron benefits” but recently removed it because I thought people might be able to write about the episodes on here instead. This is easier to moderate than it would be if I built it into the main site.

You could post a new thread on here with your thoughts about the episode and I can even link to it from the main site. I have done this already with some stories - see The Church on Ruby Road or An Unearthly Child.

But I’m all ears if you think there is something else I could do that would make it better for you?

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That makes sense. I just thought it would be kind of cool to be able to make reviews, but I suppose it’s always possible to post them to a third party site and then link them to one’s profile, like maybe in the bio.

Oh, that’s okay, honestly I’m just happy that this site exists! It really is an incredible thing you’ve created here

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If you create the blog post somewhere else, there is actually a way to add it to a story on the main site, and it also goes in your profile!

It’s this box, which you’ll find on all stories. Add your blog link there and after I check it, it will go live on the story page and your profile :blush:

Then it goes in the Community tab:

I should probably document things a bit better so they are easier to find! I can use the forum to do that now :blush:

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Ah, that’s really cool, thank you very much! Can we add it even if it’s mainly just incoherent ramblings, or is this for more professional reviews?

Hang on, you even submitted one before! Just noticed lol.

Incoherent ramblings are ok but longer reviews better haha.

I did, I just wasn’t sure if it was approved, and I didn’t know that they appear on my profile, that’s so cool!
I will make sure to try and expand my thoughts a little next time I submit a review. I think the last thing I tagged as ‘review’ on my tumblr was a single line that read “THEY SAID F****T> WE DID IT BOOIIISS”

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Your post got flagged for bad language… I’ve edited it slightly, sorry.

Yeah, that’s not the kinda of review we are looking for :sweat_smile:

Oh that’s fine, thank you- guess I didn’t censor it enough whoops.
I just got so excited listening to ‘invaders from mars’. It’s so amazing to be able to listen to the worlds of Who spiralling away from the more family-oriented language and themes of Classic during the second wilderness era.

I have been planning on starting to write proper reviews of the MR, and now I know there’s a way to post them like this, maybe I’ll start writing them up and submitting them here!


So it seems that this (in some form at least) is now a reality.

Oh yes and it only took me 3 months :sweat_smile:

@ThetaSigmaEarChef you can write reviews now if you become a Patron :wink:

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woohooo!!! I should do that. I should probably get a job first… As soon as school’s done, I’ll get a job, then I’ll become a patron. Right, there’s my plan for the future sorted!

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