Other Genre TV

Beyond Doctor Who, what are the other ‘genre’ shows you love?

For me it would include (from a very long list):

Orphan Black
Blake’s 7
Quantum Leap (yet to watch the new one, but have year of Paramount to try it out)
Red Dwarf
Sapphire and Steel
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Sliders (need to rewatch this - had the DVDs for YEARS)
The Tomorrow People
Day of the Triffids
Warehouse 13

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I’ve watched some of those! (Some Blake 7, some Quantum Leap, all of Red Dwarf I-VIII,some Sapphire & Steel, some Farscape, all of Buffy, some Sliders, a little Sliders, and Day of the Triffids.)

I’ve also watched at least some of most Star Trek series. (The exceptions are Star Trek: The Animated Series & Picard. Prodigy, Lower Decks, and Strange New Worlds are my favorites of the new series.)

I also watched all of the Prisoner (the original, not any reboots), and a few episodes of Space:1999. Watched Solaris at some point. And, you know, the Hitchhikers Guide miniseries, Good Omens, Loki… (Though I’m still a season behind on the latter two.)

I suppose I could also mention Tenchi Muyo, Serial Experiments Lain, various anime I’m not mentioning, The Owl House, She-Ra and the Princesses of Power (I could somehow see Doctor Who and the Princesses of Power…), some My Little Pony in there…

My two kids love The Owl House and Amphibia.

Star Trek drifts through our house as my wife loves it. We still haven’t done any of the new stuff though.

The Prisoner is good - but the reboot was awful.

I forgot to add Good Omens and Picard to my list - both great. I’ve watched Hitchhikers too.

I’ve always heard Amphibia gets really good second season. I’ve watched the first season, never got to second. Owl House, I absolutely loved, though. It’s really a shame it was cancelled.

As far as new Star Trek stuff goes:
Star Trek Prodigy is animated, and was obviously aimed at kids and people new to Star Trek. It feels rather Star Wars at the beginning… but it’s really nailed the heart of Star Trek by the end of first season. It’s also somewhat of a continuation of Voyager, with a hologramatic version of Janeway in the main cast. It’s one of these ones where it takes a bit to get going, but is great once it does.

Lower Decks is a comedy, but does great on characterization, and has a ton of references to older Star Trek. It’s very much Star Trek for people that love Star Trek. It also has an episode set on DS9 with Quark and Kira in it! The whole thing is focusing on the lower decks, the adventures of non bridge crew on a ship that’s not the best of the best. Great characters. I love Doctor T’Ana, the caitan Doctor with worse bedside manner then McCoy…

Strange New Worlds is the adventures of Pike on the Enterprise before TOS. A spinoff of Discovery, but way better then any of Discovery I’ve watched. I’ve very much been enjoying it, and they’ve done interesting things, like a musical episode, and a crossover with Lower Decks!

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