Opinions on the Marcipor Stories?

Thinking of moving onto these once I finish re-writing my review for ‘Iterations of I’.

Haven’t listened to the Marc stories since Summer 2021, so my memory of them is pretty much none-existant. Though I remember ‘Warzone’ and ‘The Lost Resort’ being quite good.

What do you lot think of these stories?


Warzone/Conversion was probably the best of the lot. Marc was fine, but he didn’t wow me like other Big Finish companions.


I’ve only heard The Lost Resort of these, and though the two two-parters weren’t the best, The Lost Resort itself floored me. The first half especially was incredible!

I wasn’t the biggest fan of Marc though. Maybe his introductory stories are kinder to him but I can barely remember anything he did…


One of my favorite Monthly Range arcs and one of the few late Main Range arcs that panned out to something. Marc is delightful and in a time where it felt like Big Finish was pretty consistently pulling the “false companion” narratives (mostly with Sixie when you think about it), it was nice to have a legit new companion. His chemistry with the team was super fun and was a genuinely interesting dynamic with the Doctor almost seeing him as the pet goldfish to replace Adric for a time.
Warzone Conversion (a title I can and will almost always call that release, partially because it’s two parts of a single story anyway and partially because that’s far too cool of a title to split it) is one of the best late Monthly Ranges and the arc still doesn’t peak until the masterpiece that is The Last Resort.
My only true issue with the arc is that I wish we had more travels with this team, especially after Marc’s incident because he deserved a starring role in a story that dug into what happened from his point of view and how he ended up making the best of it before he left the TARDIS.


I want to relisten to this full arc sometime as I don’t remember it well. Tartarus sticks im my mind the most, visual imagery anyway, not the story so much, and Warzone/Conversion is similar.
Wish I had more to say about Marc but he hasn’t left much if an impression on me unfortunately :confused: