Oh, we're supposed to say hello and things!

hihi, i’m Rye (she/they)! i was invited here a bit back by Shauny and have been making a fun project out of revisiting things and logging them (also writing some blogs — one so far). i’ve been an active fan since Eccleston’s run. and have found something love in everything i’ve tried so far. audio drama is also a huge passion of mine; so, finding Big Finish has been a wonderful new leg of my journey.

as for non-Doctor Who things about me: i’m a genre-loving storyteller and sound designer with a penchant for anything “weird” and a trans tardis pin on my bag. . . . oops, that turned into Doctor Who again. ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Welcome to the forum, glad to have you here! You sound like a delightful person to have conversations with, so I hope you join our wide range of discussion topics! :slight_smile:

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Welcome Rye :grinning:

Welcome! I enjoy following you on Mastodon and hearing your opinions on episodes (you got me to reconsider the Ninth Doctor Adventures after the first box set left me a bit cold), it’s great to have you here!

Welcome to the forums!

And don’t worry, I hung out here chatting on the forums myself for a fair bit before I actually got around to making a Hello post. :stuck_out_tongue:

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glad to be here, everyone! :slight_smile:

muahaha, my dastardly plan to spread more Doctor Who hype is unfolding! but, seriously, i’m glad i was able to get you think about those again, Shauny! there’s some stellar stuff in there


A proper welcome to the forum - I know we follow each other on Mastodon so good to see you here too.