Oh hey, i did a review. Fugitive of the Daleks

My first new review in nearly a year and I’ve chosen Fugitive of the Daleks. Do give it a read and please, let me know if my prose can be improved. Full warning that the review does delve into spoiler territory but I have marked it accordingly


I’m glad to read you enjoyed it! I’ve always been reticent to get into the Noonan audios, but Vicki is one of my favourite companions and I love The Chase, so I felt I had to listen to this one and I loved it.

The story featuring the robot Doctor was a really exciting twist and I like that you’re given the sense something is wrong before it actually happens. I love how it thematically connects back to the first part too!

I don’t think Noonan sounds much like Hartnell, but he has the mannerisms down which is the important part. When I listened to part one of The Incherton Incident when it was available for free I wasn’t impressed and felt it leant too much into Hartnell’s line flubs, but in Fugitive of the Daleks he’s crushing it and really gets to show his range playing both the robot Doctor and the real Doctor.

I didn’t even consider that the story could be connected to Deathworld, since I took that moment as a reference to The Three Doctors, so it’ll be really interesting to see if and how it links up!

Great to have Vicki back for a story where she really gets to shine as a character, she really is the star of the show here and I couldn’t be happier, especially since this might be a send off for her, seeing as there’s only one first Doctor set a year and it’s focusing on Dodo as the companion. There’s no telling if or when they’ll do another Vicki story.