NEWS Sixth Doctor Trials of a Time Lord

Interesting release coming soon


omg hi :eyes: very interesting indeed!

Peri and Mel. swoon


And this comes right on the heels of my rating “Trial of the Valeyard” at two stars :zipper_mouth_face:. I’m glad Nicola’s involved.


I think I’ve mentioned in another thread here but for me 6 has really grown to be a favourite for me. His TV stuff is hit and, mostly, miss but in audio he is excellent. Its a shame you can really hear it in Colin’s voice how old he is now. But other than that he is <3


Yep. There was an interview he did recently where he said the one great thing about audio is that he sounds exactly the same as he did in the 1980s, and I was like “:grimacing: Sir, you do not”. But I love his voice either way. Six is and has always been an old curmudgeon inside, so the change in voice doesn’t detract at all from his characterization.


Also excited to see Katharine Armitage as a writer for these - every story I’ve heard from her so far I have absolutely loved, I think she’s a BF writer to watch

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And I think they have refined his character a lot. He is still loud and turse but they explore it better and have written him better than the show ever did.

He’s a bastard of a Doctor, but he’s our bastard.