New Feature: Skip Stories!

I’ve just launched a brand new feature - you can now choose to skip stories!

This is for stories that you will never get around to completing, ones that you just are not interested in, and don’t want them hanging around your neck in the “Uncompleted” lists!

This feature is exclusively for Patrons - to fund the running costs of the website, we need members to pay a small fee for exclusive benefits. Read more about becoming a Patron here, it starts at just £1 per month.

Skipping stories does the following:

  • Skipped stories will never appear in “My Next Story”
  • You will no longer be bothered by them in the “Not Completed” list in your filters or your “Uncompleted stories” profile page. They are instead in their own filter, under “Skipped”.
  • When viewing the Character Tracker, you can now 100% a character’s stories by skipping ones you cannot or don’t want to complete.
  • In future, when I add the “Recommendation engine”, it will never recommend skipped Stories.
  • In future I will add a feature in the Time-Space Randomiser to choose to never show skipped stories.
  • Note that skipping a story is not the same as completing it, where badges are concerned.

Currently the way to skip stories is to go into a story and click “Skip This Story”. There will be a way of doing this from listings, and in bulk in the future.

Please have a look and let me know what you think!

A big thank you to our existing Patrons we have 38 Patrons now, which is incredible! When I started this little site (nearly two years ago now) I never dreamed it would get as big and useful as it is, and it’s growing all the time!

I have loads of plans, and you’re helping make the site better and better, and I never want to have to resort to plastering the site in ads!


A really useful feature when we know that some Doctor Who stories, particularly the spin off stuff, may be out of reach practically or financially. Well worth a pound a month along with the other benefits.

I’ve already skipped some of the weirder BBV and Probe stuff.


I’ve done it for things like the Scottish Puppet thing. I don’t find any value to watching that. There are some of the BBV and Reeltime things that are on the site that I don’t consider relevant to DW, so those will get skipped at some point.

Another great ‘Quality of Life’ improvement.


Scottish Puppet Falsetto Theatre is well and truly skipped.

Would actually like to be able to filter “most skipped” content on the site. :joy:


Can we make K9 unskippable? Feels like something everybody should watch. :k9:


That would have to a patron feature… :smiling_imp:


Pay £10 per month or we’ll force K9 onto you!


Well i’m covered there. :+1:t2: :+1:t2: