New category on the site: Live Experiences

There’s a new category and media type on the website now: Live Experiences

This is looking a little rough at the moment because I just wanted to add this in time for the weekend, as I’m going to be doing A Dalek Awakens on my birthday on Friday and I’m super excited and want to be able to rate it :smiley:

Are there any other Live Experiences I should add? This should exclusively be things which are performed live - not cinema or screenings. Those will come in a sub-category I think. Not 100% sure of this categorisation yet. Let me know your ideas!


I used to work for Escape Hunt! We had the cybermen room, ‘Worlds Collide’ (no apostrophe haha) and I used to have such fun putting niche as hell references into my clues for it (even if the room itself was a bit average haha). I did enjoy the dalek one though - hopefully you don’t get exterminated!


Well, it’s obviously been over for quite a while, but Doctor Who: The Ultimate Adventure, which had Jon Pertwee and Colin Baker play the Doctor in a musical stage play. (And even David Banks twice, which I’m sure was excellent…)


I’ll add that soon! Thanks


No problem!

I’d have liked to have seen the David Banks Doctor…



But, but, but this means that I will never be able to complete every single story on the site, because I’m never going to experience these live events. At least not those that happened in the past :cry:

Unless I get my hands on a functioning TARDIS of course…



a) Big Finish did an audio adaptation of the Ultimate Adventure with Colin Baker.
b) Josh Snares pieced together two unofficial fan recordings of the stage play on youtube as “Doctor Who: The Ultimate Adventure - Restored”.


I also won’t be able to complete it all, as there are some live experiences I’ve missed.

It’s sad!


Still, nothing new in this fandom. I loved watching the animated version of Power of the Daleks… but I’ll never be able to watch the original live version, unless something entirely unexpected happens.


Will this include the touring/static Doctor Who exhibitions? Or does “Live Experiences” mean performances and the like?

I was thinking of adding The Doctor Who Experience but it’s pretty different, changed all the time, etc. and touring exhibitions are the same really… maybe there should be a sub-category for those?

(Just working things out on the fly at the moment)

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Could these work as something else than the regular stories? Maybe like collectibles or something? It feels like it belongs on the site but it also feels like something different from the rest. Just a thought.

Please do - I have a great Ultimate Adventure story which was going to appear in DWM but the article I was ‘interviewed’ for has never seen the light of day.

Also, I did one of the escape rooms via Zoom during the Covid years but I can’t actually remember which one it was!

That would be Worlds Collide.

Ah, was it? Was that the only one they did virtually then? Excellent. I remember my eldest crowded round our laptop with my wife and our friends on their devices elsewhere but it was still huge fun (and my eldest was really really good at solving stuff).

This is based off what it says on the Wiki for Worlds Collide:

  • Due to the COVID-19 crisis, Escape Hunt allowed participants to book slots in a remote version of this escape game, where they would video call in and direct a “real-life expert games master” so as to attempt to solve the escape room as if they were there in person.

(Nothing about COVID is mentioned on the other escape game)

Sounds fun!

They also did a print-and-play escape game called The Hollow Planet

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That must be the one! I think I toyed with buying the print and play but never did.

For the players, yes! I did a couple of virtual games, and you’d be surprised how hard it is to do some puzzles one handed because you have to hold a phone to zoom people in with the other :rofl:

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Maybe you guided my group virtually!